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Commonly asked questions about insurance coverage, and the answers.

Is Reflexology Covered by Insur​ance?

Yes, reflexology is covered by a number of insurance companies across Canada. Clients must check their individual insurance plans or their employers to determine if reflexology is covered in their plan.

If reflexology is not included, clients can request to have it added to their coverage or ask their employer to include it in their group health insurance.

Which insurance companies cover reflexology?

These companies often check with RAC Head Office to make sure the therapist listed on the receipt is a current RCRT™ in good standing:

Blue Cross* (therapists need to be registered as an approved Health Care Provider in each province where their clients are filing their claims)UPDATE: January 2020 – Currently AB Blue Cross and Pacific Blue Cross (BC) are reviewing their paramedical service coverage.

BFL Canada

CINUP Insurance

Claim Secure


Green Shield

Group Medical Services


Industrial Alliance



Provider Connect

Rand Insurance

RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.

Sun Life

Canada Life (formerly Great West Life) (Previously GWL stated that Reflexology receipts needed to be issued by a Naturopathic Doctor; however since becoming Canada Life, they have been in contact with the RAC office to verify RCRT™s)

*Except AB, BC, and QC

Do you offer direct billing?

Unfortunately at this time I am not able to direct bill insurance companies.

However, you will be provided with an official receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider. 

Receipts can be emailed to you or printed for you after your treatment. 

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