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Foot Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive, all-natural therapy to reduce pain, stress and more. Reflexology therapy can relieve tension, improve blood circulation and support the body's efforts to function normally

Foot Reflexology involves applying pressure to reflex points in the foot that correspond to different parts, organs and glands. Both feet will be worked on in a specific order. using specific hand and finger techniques.


Benefits of Reflexology

Foot reflexology is grounding. And, given that feet are relatively large, the projected map of the body on the foot allows precise working of stresses that may have accumulated.

These two points make foot reflexology an ideal choice for someone who is mentally overactive or suffering bodily pain. Additional benefits include releasing tensions, increased circulation and helping the body to function optimally.


What to Expect

First the health intake forms and waivers filled out either online or in person,

please give as much detail as possible.

You will  need to remove your shoes & socks, it is very helpful if pant legs can be pulled to just below the knee. Once that has been done you can get comfortable on the massage bed and relax.

Both feet will be wiped with warm baby wipes.

The foot not being worked on will then be wrapped in a towel.

Lotion will be applied, I have a few for you to choose from, and the session will begin.

During the session you may feel some tenderness in certain areas, this is perfectly normal.

Please advise me of these tender areas or anything painful.

You may experience a chill, again this is perfectly normal, blankets are on hand if you require

please let me know if you need one.

A typical session lasts 45-50 minutes


After the Session

Once I have worked both feet I will reapply a small amount of lotion and gently massage it into your feet

and legs. I will then leave you to relax and get up when you are ready.


If you have any questions, comments or feedback before, during or after the session

please don't hesitate to ask.


Looking forward to getting my hands on you!



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