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Crystal Energy Therapy

As a Crystal Energy Guide I provide a safe, loving and supportive space that allows you to replenish and heal. 

Should you feel emotional, overwhelmed or stressed I can hold space and guide you through.

My healing space is a place of calm, quiet, comfortable relaxation. 

You are free to express yourself however you feel....laugh, cry, talk, be silent....while you are here the space is yours.

What Is It?

Crystal Energy Therapy uses the healing power of crystals to help balance, restore and activate the energy centres in your body to their natural state of goodness. 

What Are the Possible Benefits?

~ Promotes the body's self-healing abilities

~ Can support the balance of emotional energy

~ Crystals hold space to experience mental clarity

 ~ Increases mental awareness

  ~ Increases emotional awareness

~ Encourages the development of creativity

~ Unlocks the intuition  

~ Amplifies energy if there is a lack

~ Encourages relaxation- if there is  too much energy or hyperactivity

~ Holds space for emotional release

~ Works on the energetic level to heal dis-ease

What to Expect

For your first session we will sit down together and discuss how you feel in your body, your energy, your overall wellness and what brought you in today. I will then guide you through a body scan, which just involves some questions on your overall state of being which will help me to know which areas need extra attention.

This portion may take more time for the initial session, but will be shorter on subsequent visits.

You will then be made comfortable on the therapy bed and the crystal energy session will begin. This portion will last 45-50 minutes. During the session I will be adding and removing crystals from different areas of your body, if any of these crystals feel uncomfortable please inform me. The placement of crystals is designed to restore and activate your energy centres or chakras. Each session is based on how you are feeling and my intuition. Appropriate crystals are then chosen during the session.

If you fall asleep during the session that is quite normal.

Once the session is over I will ground you and guide you gently back.

You will be offered cold water and a small piece of chocolate, biscuit or fruit to help restore.

It is advised you take a few minutes to come around as some people feel light headed after a session. 

During this recovery period we can discuss any questions you may have or any feelings that arose during the session if you would like.

At anytime you are in need of anything please ask, it will not in any way disturb or hamper the results.

What Should I Do After A Session?

I encourage you to stay well hydrated for at least 24 hours after your session.

Relax and rest as much as possible. Meditate if you are so inclined.

Spend time doing little things for yourself, such as give yourself a facial, read a book, do something you've been wanting to do for a long time, whatever makes you happy.

You may experience different emotions, both good and bad, crop up in the days and weeks following your session. I encourage you to examine those feelings. Ask yourself why am I having those feelings? What can I learn from those feelings? Explore why you are feeling them now.

If they're good feelings keep them, hang on to them explore the more.

If they're bad or uncomfortable explore them, look them over and realize that they helped make you who you are today but release them to the universe. Do not embrace & hold them, they are appearing now because they are ready for you to let them go.

Replace them with a good thought or feeling.

If the feelings are uncomfortable this may take some practice to release them. If you find yourself struggling with them please feel free to reach out to me and we can attempt work together on them.

No matter what the feelings there is always something that can be learned from them.

$65.00 + tax In Person or Distance

(Distance sessions must be prepaid)

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