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Angel Card Reading

What Is It?

In an Angel Card Reading session I will use one or more of my many  Angel Oracle Card Decks to help give you insight into your strengths, gifts and challenges. Calling on the angels, ancestors and guides to reveal to you what you need to know. 

Sometimes what you need to know may not be in line with what you want to know, but that is how the cards and messages are presented to me.

What do the cards reveal?

The cards can reveal your the strengths, gifts and challenges in your home life & family, relationships & romance 

and your work & professional life.

 They can also reveal your past, present and possible future.

Can the cards reveal my future?

Not exactly. The cards can reveal your possible but future but because we all have free will the future is not set in stone. 

Any decision you make will change our future in ways that can not be predicted. 

The cards can only show what might be possible if things stay exactly as they are at that very moment. 

What happens during a session?

When you arrive you will be invited to sit at the table and we will have a little chat about your expectations from the session. Based on that I will choose the deck or decks of Angel Cards to use. 

After shuffling, I will fan the deck out on the table and lay your hands upon it, with your permission I will place my hands on yours. I will ask you to think about what you want to the cards to reveal to you. I will ask you to repeat a little prayer to ask the angels for guidance and I will then do the same.

Once this is done I will instruct you to select a certain number of cards. I will then take those cards, lay them out on the table in the correct order and the reading will begin. 

During the session you may notice I pause often, this is so I can look into the cards to see what they are trying to tell me. I may also draw more cards off the deck or another deck, this is just for clarity. 

$40.00 + tax 

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