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Reflexology Services

Reflexology services aimed at helping Women achieve their best wellbeing.

Foot Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Foot reflexology is grounding. And, given that feet are relatively large, the projected map of the body on the foot allows precise working of stresses that may have accumulated.

These two points make foot reflexology an ideal choice for someone who is mentally overactive or suffering from bodily pain. Additional benefits include releasing tensions, increased circulation and helping the body to function optimally

This  session that targets certain reflexes to help relieve stress and help your body relax.
Using specific finger and hand techniques in a specific order I will apply pressure to specific reflex points that correspond to different parts, organs or glands in your body.


Hand reflexology is grounding. Although smaller than the feet, the projected map of the body on the hand still allows precise working of stresses that may have accumulated. Hand reflexology is also perfect for those who don't like having their feet touched.

Specialized Reflexology Services

Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology

The technique was developed to help with lymphoedema which is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage.

RLD was developed through clinical practice while working in cancer care outpatient clinics, using reflexology for patients suffering from all kinds of cancers at all stages of the disease. It is based on the same concepts of manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Oncology & Palliative Reflexology

Oncology & Palliative reflexology is designed to support you in your oncology journey from diagnosis onwards.

It can help alleviate symptoms from chemotherapy and other medications. It can relieve stress, anxiety, pain and chemo induced peripheral neuropathy.

These sessions are generally lighter and shorter than a full foot reflexology session and designed to support you. Each session may be different depending on the symptoms you wish to address.

Advanced Facial Reflexology

Advanced Facial Reflexology with Indian Head Massage have many physiological and emotional benefits. Using reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques on your face, scalp, arms, hands, and neck, I will work on the areas that require the most work while incorporating many of the Indian Head Massage and Advanced Facial Reflexology techniques to give you a completely bespoke treatment, designed just for you during the actual session.

Zone Face Lift Reflexology

Combining the use of Facial Reflexology, face lift massage techniques, gua sha, and acupressure tools I will gently aid in the release built up tension and emotions in your face for a natural lift of your body and spirit.

Lymphatic drainage techniques can reduce swelling and puffiness. The gentle facial massage can release facial tension. Gua Sha will help to sculpt your features.

Menopause Reflexology

Using specific techniques to stimulate specific reflexology points on your face, hands and/or feet to encourage the body to rebalance itself. By applying targeted pressure to reflex points, blood circulation is improved, helping to regulate hormonal fluctuations reducing common Menopausal symptoms. This encourages deep relaxation and fosters a sense of well-being.

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